Research4Life provides academic and professional content to institutions in  lower- and middle-income countries.

Together, we can do more.

Access to research and other professional information stimulates economic and social growth in lower income countries, enhances researchers’ profiles and increases citations. Research4Life works to minimize technical and commercial barriers to information access, and invests in activities that maximize the potential for research from low-income countries to achieve global visibility and recognition. Research4Life supports full participation in the global information environment for all, and does this in partnerships with UN agencies, publishers, universities and non-profits.

However, despite Research4Life’s contributions to bridging the digital divide over the past two decades, it has only reached a small fraction of its potential in terms of awareness, reach, understanding, effective usage and impact due to under resourcing. Through Friends of Research4Life, we believe that together we can do more.

By supporting Friends of Research4Life, you can support the critical mission of Research4Life and strengthen its broader vision of an equitable world of information.

How can I support?

If you or your organization wants to support the day-to-day work to ensure that researchers all over the developing world can benefit from Research4Life, we recommend an annual donation to our Core Mission Fund.