Support us

Support our day-to-day work to ensure that researchers all over the world can benefit from Research4Life

If your organization wants to support the day-to-day work to ensure that researchers all over the developing world can benefit from Research4Life, we recommend an annual donation to our Core Mission Fund. Your contribution will help us expand the outreach and training activities and improve Research4Life’s essential infrastructure (computer systems, content delivery systems, technical support and more).

Invest in your project of choice

 We are also keen to collaborate on specific projects in certain countries or regions through our Project Investment Fund. Projects can originate from within Research4Life or directly from donors and can last from one to three years.

Examples of potential projects and initiatives include:

  • Four one-day training courses for twenty people in Mali
  • Translating the Research4Life MOOC into different languages
  • Adding a country focal point in one or more countries
  • Specific technology to improve our platform
  • New helpdesk software
  • Creating a video story, e.g. of a compelling case study

Contribute as an individual

 We also welcome donations from individuals who want to contribute to Research4Life on a personal basis to either the Core Mission Fund or to the Project Investment Fund.